Cannabis Legalization as a Feminist Issue: A Second Look

Finding Hayley

A friend of mine recently linked me to Sherrie Silman’s Feminspire article Why Weed Legalization is a Feminist Issue. I highly recommend that you read it for yourself, but the basic gist is that feminism’s core tenet is one of equity for all persons, regardless of social location. Additionally, feminists have long help strong beliefs about the right of a person to bodily autonomy (i.e. a person should be able to do what they wish to their own body, so long as it doesn’t harm others). With this in mind, it follows that the legalization of cannabis aligns very well with the values of feminism. The criminalization of cannabis has disproportionate impact on already marginalized groups of people, it undermines bodily autonomy, and it prevents people who get therapeutic benefit from consuming cannabis from accessing their remedy. Silman focuses particularly on the benefits of cannabis in mediating the symptoms…

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