Letter to a Prohibitionist by Barry Lyons

Few books have given me more hope about the end of cannabis prohibition than this insightful treatise. While he does touch on the ‘war on drugs’ in a broader sense, it is his comprehensive review of the last several years of medical studies which make this an invaluable book to have on hand if and when you find yourself defending cannabis in a discussion.

Barry Lyons has created a book which succeeds at piercing the bubble of contentment that enables those who oppose cannabis legalization, revealing the true harm and cost of the United States war on drugs. This cost is measured not only in terms of raw tax dollars lost to incarceration, but also in the untold numbers of sick and disabled individuals who could be helped, even cured, using cannabis medicinally.

Written as a letter, this is one long stream of information, moving through the various myths about the drug war and providing facts (and copious end notes) citing medical studies, news articles, and prohibitionist’s own opinion pieces. The result is a concise, if at times combative and emotional, rebuttal of USA’s (and for that matter, NSW, UK, and the rest of the world’s) stance on cannabis.

I strongly encourage you to purchase a copy of this for yourself, and two more for both sets of your grandparents. I personally guarantee doing so will help hasten the end of this war on cannabis.


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