Six Ways to Medicate Safely Where Pot is Illegal

Tyler Vile

A new Gallup Poll shows that a whopping 58% of Americans support the legalization of marijuana. If the U.S. held a national referendum on the subject today, there’s a pretty good chance it would be legalized. Unfortunately, the U.S. government isn’t structured like that and “legalization” is really three things, decriminalization, legalization for medical use, and taxation and regulation. That brings us to our first point.

Know Your Laws- In the U.S. especially, inconsistencies between federal, state, and local laws can create sprawling bureaucratic messes. Washington’s taxation and regulation plan seems to be causing conflict with its current medical law, while Massachusetts appears to have coexisting  decriminalization and medical use standards.  In Maryland,  it’s legal for a person to possess under one ounce of Cannabis with a doctor’s letter, but until the hospital-run clinical trials start, the only way to buy it is on the black market.

Trust Your Sources-If you’re…

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