UConn Finds New Use for Hemp

UConn Finds New Use for Hemp

It won’t get you high, but researchers at UConn say they’ve found another use for Cannabis plants.

The fiber crop Cannabis sativa, known as industrial hemp, has properties that make it attractive as a raw material for producing biodiesel fuel, UConn Today reports.

Richard Parnas, a professor of chemicals, materials and biomolecular engineering, led a UConn study on the subject.

Several things make the hemp an appealing option for producing the sustainable diesel fuel that’s made from renewable plant sources, he said.

Like the plant’s ability to grow in infertile soils, reducing the need to grow it on primary croplands, which can then be reserved for growing food.

Source: http://www.nbcconnecticut.com/news/local/UConn-Study-Finds-Hemp-Produces-Viable-Biodiesel-104562284.html


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