White Romulan – Dutch Cannabis Strain Review.

Clark French

Strain, White Romulan. Indica/sativa, hybrid. O.g Raskal seeds


Appearance. Lots of trichomes giving the bud a frosty white finish over lush deep and bright greens, quite a lot of trim left of but it is covered in trichomes so its not too bad, could make some very nice oil from tricome laden leaf like that. Quite dense formations at the end of the cola’s and some nice orange brown pistils wind their way across the bud structures.


Aroma. Really smelly deep earthy and pungent lows and fruity and sharp highs with quite a unique “chem” smell. Really broad range of smells with this lovely strain.


Flavour. Very tasty, really smooth to smoke with delicious OG chem flavour and deep and earthy pungent lows. Very fruity too, all over an amazing flavour.


Effects. Although indica dominant over all the first thing I noticed is a sativa…

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