Marijuana and Coffee are Good For the Brain

Hemp For Humanity

“Aging Brings Inflammation to the Brain” 

by Gary Wenk

Professor of Psychology/Neuroscience

Ohio State University, USA


The main change that’s occuring in the brain with aging, and we see it in humans, we see it in rats, is that there’s a development of what you might call inflammation. It’s a lot like what happens when you’re injured, but in this case it happens in the brain. Up until a few years ago, we weren’t even aware that inflammation developed in the brain. Now, we see that it’s in the background of a lot of diseases.


Marijuana Reduces Inflammation


What I’ve discovered is that marijuana or at least a particular component of it, what we call a cannabinoid, is the component of the plant that when in the brain, at very low levels  is able to reduce this brain inflammation. I’m incredibly excited about it because this is…

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