After Uruguay: Legalizing Marijuana in the Caribbean

Repeating Islands


In “Legalising ganja,” David Jessop (Director of the Caribbean Council) analyzes the Caribbean’s future vis-à-vis developments in Latin America—namely, the decriminalization of marijuana for domestic use in Uruguay. He reasons that the illegal cultivation and sale of marijuana as well as the international security industry stimulate economic growth in the Caribbean, and that, therefore, legalizing marijuana cannot be seen as relevant to the region. Hmmm, in other words, illegal activity is good for our economies? I do not find this argument convincing, but here are excerpts of Jessop’s examination of the issue.

[. . .] Uruguay’s objective is to create a regulated market in ganja, end local user’s dependence on the illegal production, and halt associated domestic criminality. It intends doing so by having the state control a legal local industry in ways that its President, Jose Mujica, says will recognise that marijuana is widely consumed in Uruguay – reportedly…

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